sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Tiago Prestes ~ Cabo of the Forcados Aposento Chamusca

[ The Handle
Being almost completely a Portuguese show, it naturally offers multiple views of appreciation, according to the origins and even the culture of every spectator.
The artistic evolution done during the handle throughout time brought it a peculiar level of self expression, making it more accessible to outer sensitivities, transforming it in a worldwide admired art. The handle contains in itself a mayhem of emotions and concepts so great that it became a strong inspiration to works of art made by the ..., the pen or the brush, and all those who sensitively reproduce, in their works, the emotions transmitted by a face-to-face, bull and man.
By jumping for the handle, the ... transforms into an artist who, by defying the unpredictable, must have a support on a technique which allows him the domain over the bull, diminishing the risk that fate holds.
The ... must have as bases nobility, honour and humility that are demanded, so that he can establish an intense and artistic dialog with the bull, his partner and collaborator in this fate.
The handle has also, as a background, a mix of heroism and tragedy in all its modalities, which truly impress, and sometimes even lead us to repudiate, but never stop from presenting a very particular beauty and an impressive greatness.
The “Moço do Forcado”, popular hero inspired in the anonymous mobs (?), transports an interesting romance, sometimes followed by intimate and painful tragedy.
When he walks towards the bull clapping his hands and offering his body for the taking, defying his own Death, in a path full of flowers, women smiling, music, claps and encouraging screams, there certainly isn’t any artist who goes freely by such personalities and that freely doesn’t worship them, in a painting, a romance, sculpture or poem. It is Inevitable.
Tiago Prestes
Cabo of the Forcados Aposento Chamusca