sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Paco Bandeira ~ Musician & Owner of "Monte Azul" of Resident Artists

[ I’ve always herd that God made the Man at His resemblance.
I wonder if the bulls also have a God similar to them?
I believe that it’s more acceptable and easier to believe in the Man version even if I never had a confirmation of that theory.
- God never appeared to me except in form of:
Sun, Rivers, Trees, Flowers, Mountains, Sea, Life, etc. etc.
That’s the way I see, worship and feel Him.
And, in my opinion that’s the way He wants to be seen.-
The bull, because it isn’t intelligent, it’s in our own way simply divine;
Meets up, respecting the Creator.
The Man evolves, pretends, performs and doesn’t respect anything;
The bull is noble, brave, natural;
The Man is weak, fearful, shy; And that’s why he survives, triumphs, command.
The future of the man depends on the fear; the future of the bull paradoxically depends on the man and his weakness.
The struggle between them doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to the spectators that, in this case, are the same.
Ending bullfighting is killing the bulls, all of them! The evolutionist man will only change the venue and the props, because the fight will continue, with or without the bull.
I don’t know which part of me wrote this text; the one that likes the bull or the one that likes bullfighting. ]
Paco Bandeira
Composer and Musician – Owner of “Monte Azul” of Resident Artists, where the artist made the work of the Exhibition “Arte & Toiros”