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"Kings Bullfight" or "The Royal Bullfight": S.A.R. O Duque de Bragança in "Art&Bulls"

[ The Royal Bullfight, or, as it used to be called, the “Kings Bullfight”, goes back to the Middle Ages, and there were many Portuguese Kings who were interested in this way of bullfighting.

Great writers and artists fell in love for the Festa Brava. The exhibition called “Arte & Toiros” (Art & Bulls), by the painter Maria Sobral Mendonça is another artistic manifestation that transmits us a strong energy and which puts, once again, the city of Évora in the route of the Portuguese culture, as a consequence of other notable manifestations, from which stands out the concerts organized by Casa Cadaval.
To the City Hall of Évora, to its president, to the artist and the promoters of these events, I send my most sincere congratulations.

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Exhibition Opening: “Arte & Toiros” (“Art & Bulls”): XII Royal Bullfight – Évora, July 10th 2009 ~ Portugal ~ M'Ar De Ar Hotels

[ To determine the end of the dream of “Arte do Toureio” – “The Art of Bullfighting” – in the XXI century to the boys and girls that are emerging in the Portuguese bullfighting world it’s the same as erasing poetry from writing; erasing images from cinema; getting the centre piece out from sculpture; erasing from painting all the colours that come from the human and artistic palette that integrates this tradition. Passionately by the colour and the Lusitanian People… there is a serious threat to end this: bound to the strangest laws. To put an end to “Arte do Toureio” is killing its artists’ romantic watch. In art, as in life… everything is colour, tragedy, triumph, glory, failure, luck, death! Thrown to the wolves (or bulls)... I pass my hands on the colours. I accept the challenge made by the company Terra Brava and the Monarchic Movement “Pensar Real~Pensar Portugal”, to execute the “Arte & Toiros” exhibition as part of the “XII Royal Bullfight” which will have the attendance of TRH the Dukes of Braganza. I remember my childhood!... The Tentas – a kind of bullfighting –, the Arenas, the Festivals on the Bull Farms… The silence and the uproar of the colours of this art!... I’ve been told that Portugal used to stop to listen the radio show “Sol e Toiros” – Sun and Bulls! It’s out of love for the colours and the Portuguese Traditions that I produce this exhibition paying tribute to the first Portuguese Radio Show “Sol e Toiros”, created by Leopoldo Nunes, Manuel Azambuja and Hélder Sobral Mendonça. To all aficionados (bullfighting fans) and especially to the young entrepreneur Carlos Pegado for his dedication to the “Arte do Toureio”. To the Royal Bullfight romanticism and to our aficionados Kings!
To end the Bullfighting Art is like letting the artists perish from within, which is the darkest of all deaths! ]
Maria Sobral Mendonça
Plastic Artist

domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

Agenda Cultural ~ Évora 07.09 ~ Portugal

Mayor of Évora: José Ernesto de Oliveira

[ Évora, city of History, Unesco World Heritage Site, where roman temples meets with monuments and Universities and where we cross ourselves with culture in every city corners.
The “Festa brava” (popular term for bullfighting) has a great tradition in this city and in this region. It’s with great pleasure that Évora hosts in the next July 10th the XII Royal Bullfight and the plastic artist Maria Sobral Mendonça exhibition “Arte & Toiros” with the honorable attendance of the Dukes of Bragança.
When we focus on the History and the tradition we respect the past, enrich the present and project the future. ]
José Ernesto de Oliveira
Mayor of Évora


"Art & Bulls" by Carlos Macedo Pegado: Business Executive - Company Terra Brava

[ «Creo que los toros es la fiesta más culta que hay hoy en el mundo» (F.G. Lorca). The connection between bullfighting and the other art forms comes from many centuries ago. From the earliest times man had portrayed his artistic relationship with the bull. We assist today to the evolution of bullfighting in that mysterious show and with a high cultural value. The company Terra Brava had tried to create a strong bond between bullfighting and the other art forms that are traditionally linked to it and to present that to the audiences of the shows it produces. Since making the show poster, presented to the audience to promote and inform about the show cast, until the exhibition of poetry readings, Portuguese music, literature and sculpture, and getting now to the plastic arts through the sensitive hands of Maria Sobral Mendonça there is a whole creative process containing itself an art form. The whole artistic world should reach the ones that have the sensibility to appreciate a work of art. The fact that Maria had accepted to lend her art, of refined good taste, to this theme that I, as an aficionado, love so much is a great pride and an honour to me. Daughter of Hélder Sobral, a historical bullfighting critic, a passion for this art runs in her blood, but it was in a sleepy state. It’s awakening had resulted in a magical, inexplicable and appealing work by the significant present of colour and, because of that, an admirable expression, highly communicative and without borders.
Her palette had inspired my afición!! ]
Carlos Macedo Pegado
Business Executive

Arte & Toiros ~ 10 Julho a 30 Setembro : M'AR De AR Hotels - Aqueduto [ Évora~Portugal ]

The company Terra Brava made the challange to the paintour Maria Sobral Mendonça to approach the subject Bull Fighting, that resulted in 20 Works in this exhibition.
M'Ar de Ar Hotels ~ Travessa da Palmeira 4/6~7000-546 Évora ~ PORTUGAL

Review Caras ~ Exposition "Art & Bulls"

[ "As representatives of the Portuguese Royal House, it is natural that D. Duarte and D. Isabel de Bragança feel particularly proud to talk about the history of our country. Thus, taking the implementation of Bullfighting Real XII, the Dukes of Bragança were the three sons, Alfonso, 13 years, Frances, 12, and Dinis, of nine, to the historic city of Évora. Despite the commitments already scheduled do not get the family more than two days, the Dukes took issue with children walking in the city, as shared with CARAS D. Isabel, during the inauguration of the exhibition of Maria Sobral Mendonça - Art & Bulls - held at Hotel M'Ar Air Aqueduct: "It's always a pleasure to return to Évora, a beautiful place and well maintained. Today we went walking and I like to see the harmony and beauty of this city. We went to the Museum of Évora and was very impressed with all the work they did. Where we can, to better capitalize on the country and to be with people. " (...) in Review Caras. ]

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TV- Program "Só Visto": Inauguration of the exibition "Art & Bulls" [ Interviews ]

[ TV - PROGRAMA "SÓ VISTO" - RTP: Television program at the inauguration of the exhibition "Art & Bulls" - Interviews. ]

Portuguese Royal Family inaugurated the exhibition "Art & Bulls" at the Hotels De M'Ar Air, incorporated in the "XII Royal Bullfighting" [ Évora ]

“Kings Bullfight” ~ "Art & Bulls"

Exhibition "Art & Bulls" integrated in Real Portuguese Bullfight [ Évora ~ Portugal ]

TV-Program "Verão Total"- RTP: Interview

[ "Excerpt from the interview made by Maria Sobral Mendonça RTP on its new Esposição of painting that will feature in Évora on 10 July to 30 September, at Hotel Sea-Air Aqueduct. This new collection of Great Boards, was established and implemented in the Monte Alentejo musician Paco Bandeira, as the said Mary. "The Chill of the Alentejo Plain and Creativity of a Great Artist Plastic," said the musician: Jorge Ganhão on youtube.]