sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

João Nunes de Oliveira ~ Author of the book "Praça de Toiros em Portugal"

[ In one of the many conversations that I kept with a known bullfighter and plastic artist, that did and does the favor of being my friend, I approached him with the subject:
“Why bullfighter and artist?"
He answered me in the simplest way, as it is normal with the humble.
- Notice that the two things are just one:
- When I put the blank canvas on the easel it’s the same as walking through the square on the way to the hotel.
- Lining up the brushes, the paints and all the material necessary it’s like dressing up the costume chosen for that day.
- Look to the canvas to begin the work it’s like seeing the crowd that is awaiting form the “patio de quadrilhas”
- The first flick or strike it’s like entering in the arena, which means the dice are rolled.
- From there, the only thing we could do is art, or not. So many canvas spoiled, so many bad bullfights.
- But, one thing is completely true. The artist, being him a bullfighter, a painter, a sculptor, or other art creator, before beginning is work, prays to the Virgin Mary, and the audience reconnaissance only comes after his art is exhibited or the job is completed.
And he concluded:
- The joy that the artist feels when he see what he dreamed of and wants to express appearing on the canvas is the same that the bullfighter feels when he faces the bull, spit a javelin and the crowd stand up in ovation.
For all the reasons that my artist friend gave me that day, I can say that the painter Maria Sobral Mendonça personifies all the above statements and I wish that this “faena” (exhibition) pleases the all audience. ]
João Nunes Oliveira
Author of the book "Praças de Toiros em Portugal"