sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Pedro Santos ~ Researcher Zootechnical

[ Art becomes art
In the bullring lives the illusion, that mixed feeling, complex, plenty of anxiety, expectation and hope. Paused movements of fine concept drawn during bullfighting are art. But something is still missing to the “Festa”. Bullfight features warm evenings and mild nights lightly scented by the unmistakable fragrance of a pure cigar. And it’s only when the “elf” emerges on the ring that the “Festa” becomes plenty of dimensions and the illusion is fulfilled, with vivid colors, calm and harmoniously linked movements and pauses of refined esthetic. The art becomes greater with the courage that wins the fear, felt in the joy of the avoided tragedy. Art, inspiration of pictorial “elves” that mixes light, color and feelings on the canvas, recreating bullfight moves and raising emotions. Art becomes art. ]
Pedro Santos
Researcher Zootechnical