sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Joaquim Grave ~ Breeder of Fighting Bulls

[ Bullfighting and Art
Anyone that has some aesthetic sensibility and that assisted a bullfight has inevitably observed the beauty of this show. May like it or not, can understand more or less its deep meaning but cannot remain insensitive ahead of the forms and colors game. To be filled with this uncommon beauty, with this ballet that cheats death its only need to assist it, and have some sensibility.
This party brightness has multiple reflexes and is always attractive to art. Many artists knew how to find in the mysterious world of bullfighting, where tradition merges with adventure, a subject that becomes so fundamental as religion or portrait.
Painting, for instance, allow us to recover the magic trilogy combination – light, color and movement – of a party that sentimentality focuses on our spirit and our heart.
The stage is a circle, the redondel (circle square where bullfighting occurs) as a magic formula with a geometry invented by the imagination tanned in hundreds of different cultures that, on life, always danced around the sun and shadow dichotomy, and stubbornly got in love with this show that, like no other, is a metaphor of their own lives with defeats and victories. ]
Joaquim Grave
Breeder of fighting bulls