sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Testimonials Catalog Art & Bulls: Ricardo Abranches ~ Think Roayl Think Portugal

[ "Royal Bullfight, the bestride art and tradition."
The art is part of us, the art is ourselves, the testimonial of our existence.
Bullfighting is an Iberian art with different paths, linked to Classical Antiquity.
In Portugal, there are references to horse riding bullfight on the King Dom Duarte’s book “A arte de bem cavalgar”. Dom Sebastião had shown great skills on horse riding bullfight. Also know by his dexterity on this art was the king Dom Miguel, at the XIX century. The people called him the “Bullfighter King”.
Maria Sobral de Mendonça offers us today her look on the royal art of bullfighting. ]
Ricardo Abanches
Think Royal Think Portugal