sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Paulo Caetano ~ Knight Bullfighting

[ Goya, Manet, Van Gog, Picasso, Romero, Paula, Manzanares, Morante….
Genial artists. Invaluable works.
One difference: the means by which they express themselves.
One similarity: the way by which they express themselves.
I wrote one day:
“Art is above all an expression of sentiment. However, when we cry or laugh, we are expressing our feelings, but not making art.
...even so, if we can make others understand our emotions, through colours or images, so that who is watching feels as sad or happy as ourselves, then we are making art. Bullfighting is carnal, closer to man than any other artistic way of expression. A paradox, imperfect, beautiful, insecure, ruthless and seductive,
In the end, a faithful picture of the human essence”.
After four decades as an aficionado and an identical period as a toreador, the emotion I feel before a good toureio is still sublime. Lived with an intensity at the same time sweat and harsh, and the certainty of being in the presence of something incomparable.

I still feel equally sympathetic, recognized and drunk of admiration when I look at a work from one of my favourite painters. Because in one and another artistic form, more than the rigour, more than the security of thinking, what matters is the smoothness of movement, the piece of the soul that guides every muletazo or every brush, the determination of the gesture, the expression of eternity of what is produced by the soul in comparison with the fragility of what is produced by the mind.
I believe that the true painting, alike the true bullfight, is done with the spirit, and endures beyond the image or the arena, as it is glued into us, and reveals itself in our memory, as long as we have the ability to be emotional.
These humble words came from within my pen, with the genuinity of the work of Maria Sobral Mendonça.
I feel honoured, because one of our most beautiful cities, where we saw unforgettable faenas, is the floor of the gallery of an exposition with such talent as
this one.
Paulo Caetano
Knight Bullfighting