sábado, 11 de julho de 2009

Rui Nabeiro ~ Commendator

[ Culture is one of the nations’ developing engines. Knowing that, besides the economic development, a strong cultural development must exist, Delta keeps support policy to all initiatives of cultural nature which occurs on a regional or national level.
This exhibition of Maria Sobral Mendonça is about a theme which is very dear to me, to my family and my countrymen: Bullfighting. And, as bullfighting is also a regional developing engine, I had to support this extraordinary association between painting and that show that get so many values together.
With this, moments of rare beauty get perpetuated, like the canvas that illustrates the bullfights’ poster which is a marvelous javelin being stabbed that only the ones who saw it could keep in their minds.
In this way I keep Delta’s social and business responsibility policy, trying in every possible way to promote and to encourage initiatives that contribute in some way to the exaltation of this territory, the Alentejo, cradle of so many social values. Without those values the humanity and particularly Portugal would get much poorer. ]
Rui Nabeiro