domingo, 9 de agosto de 2009

"Art & Bulls" by Carlos Macedo Pegado: Business Executive - Company Terra Brava

[ «Creo que los toros es la fiesta más culta que hay hoy en el mundo» (F.G. Lorca). The connection between bullfighting and the other art forms comes from many centuries ago. From the earliest times man had portrayed his artistic relationship with the bull. We assist today to the evolution of bullfighting in that mysterious show and with a high cultural value. The company Terra Brava had tried to create a strong bond between bullfighting and the other art forms that are traditionally linked to it and to present that to the audiences of the shows it produces. Since making the show poster, presented to the audience to promote and inform about the show cast, until the exhibition of poetry readings, Portuguese music, literature and sculpture, and getting now to the plastic arts through the sensitive hands of Maria Sobral Mendonça there is a whole creative process containing itself an art form. The whole artistic world should reach the ones that have the sensibility to appreciate a work of art. The fact that Maria had accepted to lend her art, of refined good taste, to this theme that I, as an aficionado, love so much is a great pride and an honour to me. Daughter of Hélder Sobral, a historical bullfighting critic, a passion for this art runs in her blood, but it was in a sleepy state. It’s awakening had resulted in a magical, inexplicable and appealing work by the significant present of colour and, because of that, an admirable expression, highly communicative and without borders.
Her palette had inspired my afición!! ]
Carlos Macedo Pegado
Business Executive